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So you can’t understand why your power keeps tripping or your lights are flickering? Don’t worry! Electrical fault finding and fixing is a job for a caped (and licensed) professional.

What are the indications that there could be a fault in your electrical wiring? Lights flickering, tripping fuses, or perhaps your power and lights tripping after rain. A blown socket or a simple ceiling fan fault could be an indication that there is a problem in your electrical system.

Never fear, Electrician to the Rescue has been protecting Sydney residents from power surges for over twenty years. They are the electricians Sydney siders can count on in times of electrical emergency. If you have a light fault, your fuses keep blowing, you find circuits failing components sparking or you find yourself in distress with any other kind of electrical fault… your Sydney electrician has you covered.


We Australians are notorious for attempting DIY handy-man jobs around the house, but when it comes to electrical faults it is critical that you contact a professional. There are over 1,000 electrical related injuries reported in Australia every year and there were four fatalities in Australia from electrical accidents in 2012!

If there is one thing we have learned from over 20 years of rescuing Sydney home owners in trouble, it’s that electricity is not something to be tampered with. Whether domestic, commercial or industrial electricity should only ever be worked on by a fully qualified licensed electrician. So switch on that safety bulb in your head and call your friendly neighbourhood Electrician to the Rescue if you suspect even the slightest issue.

Our experts are empowered with years of experience in electrical faults circuit breakers, insulation failure, faulty powerpoints, power safety and much much more. This is why we are the super electricians Sydney residents have been calling on for decades.


Our Sydney Electricians have superpowers when it comes to domestic electrical faults. Finding faults is in our DNA (and in the years of training we have had).  The Electrician to the Rescue procedure fault finding service includes an experienced electrician using modern fault finding techniques to:

  • Check and test all circuit breakers for short circuits
  • Check and test the fuse box safety switch
  • Check for any poor connections overloaded with appliances
  • Install a surge protector if needed
  • Test all appliances for any basic electrical fault causing a fuse to trip
  • Test earth rods in case of a main earth fault
  • Make sure that your electrical safety circuit will not overload or overheat
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